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Workforce Wednesday

City of Oak Ridge Tennessee - Oak Ridge, TN

Salary Range: $75,000 - $100,000


Oak Ridge Housing Authority has an opening for the Executive Director position. Seeking individual to provide leadership and organizational direction to the Housing Authority and Development Corporation. The selected individual will provide guidance and staff support to the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners (BOC); manages, leads, and directs, either directly or through subordinate levels of supervision, all employees, programs, policies and projects of the Housing Authority to include housing management, maintenance, construction projects, finance, and personnel including community development and redevelopment. For more details, click here.



Housing Choice Voucher Specialist- Housing Authority of Winston Salem - Winston-Salem, NC

Salary Range: $37,682-$48,984

Administrative Housing Superintendent- NYC Housing Authority - New York, NY

Salary Range: $56,990 - $156,829

Housing Program Administrator- Virginia Department of Housing and Comm Dev - Richmond, VA

Salary Range: $53,000-$57,000


Is your agency a member of SERHA and looking for new talent? If so, let us know. We would love to help you locate the housing professional you have been searching for.

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